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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 10:45:44 +0000, you wrote:

>>I run MS as user mail but the cron.hourly that updates the anti-virus
>>packages runs as user root. So the lock-files in /tmp have permissions
>>644. I get the message "Cannot create /tmp/FProtBusy.lock, Permission
>>denied" and it stops processing the queue. I had to manually change the
>>permissions to 664 to have it working. Could "update.virus.scanners" be
>>made to set these permissions.

You are the best.

>>When I first started MS it found AntiVir installed and it started
>>updating that. So I configured MS to also use AntiVir. Offcourse I got
>>the message about codestatus. It appears that AntiVir is installed
>>automatically with SuSe. Has anybody used it with MS? I would eventually
>>like to test it myself but I don't want to run into problems with other
>>packages if I change "Minimum Code Status" to unsupported.
>The virus scanners are currently the only thing used by the "Code Status"
>setting. There are a few people out there who use AntiVir, but I've only
>heard from 5 or 6 people using it.

OK. I'll check whether I can test some stuff.

>>I would like to test the new system by copying files from the quarantine
>>directory on the production server to the queue directory on the test
>>server. Is this a good way to test the new system?
>As long as they are being quarantined as Queue Files then that should work
>fine. Remember to set the ownership to mail.mail when you copy them into
>the incoming queue, or nothing will happen.

I allways use scp for these kind of things and I do this as user mail.

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