Multiple sendmail queue directories

Joel Colvin joelc at CTCHOUSTON.COM
Tue Jan 28 23:17:16 GMT 2003

I usually have 6000+ items in the queue directories and have been
running separate queue runners to help get past the deferred messages
and on to the others.  Splitting the queue up helped me do that faster.

I see where I would need to change, in the init script, the
StartOutSendmail function to add queue runners but I'm having trouble
setting multiple queue dirs in MailScanner.conf.

Outgoing Queue Dir suggests that I could use a ruleset but I'm having no
luck there.  I get syntax errors when I set a wildcard on the variable
and when I put queue dirs in a separate file like this:

Outgoing Queue Dir = /etc/MailScanner/mqueue.out.list.conf

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At 22:16 28/01/2003, you wrote:
>I have a mail server that uses multiple queue directories in sendmail.
>I'm trying to figure out how to get MailScanner to work with that.  I
>see that the MailScanner.conf supports multiple queue directories.  Is
>that all I need to change?

It supports split queue directories on the incoming side, but only
them on the outgoing side if you run 1 sendmail queue runner for each
(e.g. 1 queue for local hosts, 1 for slow remote hosts).
You can just merge the outgoing queue directories into one and it will
just fine.
Julian Field
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