Multiple sendmail queue directories

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Wed Jan 29 10:30:52 GMT 2003

At 23:17 28/01/2003, you wrote:
>I usually have 6000+ items in the queue directories and have been
>running separate queue runners to help get past the deferred messages
>and on to the others.  Splitting the queue up helped me do that faster.
>I see where I would need to change, in the init script, the
>StartOutSendmail function to add queue runners but I'm having trouble
>setting multiple queue dirs in MailScanner.conf.
>Outgoing Queue Dir suggests that I could use a ruleset but I'm having no
>luck there.  I get syntax errors when I set a wildcard on the variable
>and when I put queue dirs in a separate file like this:
>Outgoing Queue Dir = /etc/MailScanner/mqueue.out.list.conf

Make the rules file end in ".rules". Detecting use of a rules file vs a
directory name isn't trivial once you include links and devices.

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> >I have a mail server that uses multiple queue directories in sendmail.
> >I'm trying to figure out how to get MailScanner to work with that.  I
> >see that the MailScanner.conf supports multiple queue directories.  Is
> >that all I need to change?
>It supports split queue directories on the incoming side, but only
>them on the outgoing side if you run 1 sendmail queue runner for each
>(e.g. 1 queue for local hosts, 1 for slow remote hosts).
>You can just merge the outgoing queue directories into one and it will
>just fine.
>Julian Field
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Julian Field
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