small change in output in upcoming version of F-Prot 4.x

Sveinn G. Gunnarsson sveinn at SVEINNG.COM
Tue Jan 28 11:05:00 GMT 2003

Hi Julian...

> Sorry, silly error on my part. In line 958 of you will
> currently find
>    if ($fprot_InCruft==2 && $line =~ /program\s+version:\s*4/i) {
> This should be changed to
>    if ($fprot_InCruft==-2 && $line =~ /program\s+version:\s*4/i) {
> (i.e. the "2" should become "-2").

This patch works perfectly, as far as I can see.
I have tested it with F-Prot 3.x and 4.x without problems,
and virus detection working properly.

Many thanx !!

Sveinn G. Gunnarsson
AIX System Administrator - CATE
Islandssimi hf.

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