small change in output in upcoming version of F-Prot 4.x

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jan 27 13:49:57 GMT 2003

At 11:42 27/01/2003, you wrote:
> > Thanks for that.
> > Please can you check that this patch works okay with F-Prot 4 (and 3 if
> > possible).
>Hi Julian...
>I tried your patch on the machine runing the new F-Prot, but got the
>parser  errors...

Sorry, silly error on my part. In line 958 of you will
currently find
   if ($fprot_InCruft==2 && $line =~ /program\s+version:\s*4/i) {
This should be changed to
   if ($fprot_InCruft==-2 && $line =~ /program\s+version:\s*4/i) {

(i.e. the "2" should become "-2").

Julian Field
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