Checking SpamAssassin activity?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Jan 24 14:39:34 GMT 2003

At 14:35 24/01/2003, you wrote:
>I had basically the same problem with some of the other RBLs. I never saw
>in the header any indication that any RBL test was ever performed. I ran
>all the tests for SA, indicating that they had passed proper operation, and
>the logs only showed minimal timeouts (never more than one timeout
>happening.) If I setup spam (as opposed to high spam) to be deleted,
>instead of just passed through with the SA score, the files were in fact
>I eventually gave up and do not check any of these BLs anymore, as I could
>not monitor what was really going on, since the mail either arrived or was
>All I wanted was to see if ORDB was catching anything and add that (either
>the default or my modified ORDB SA score) to the spam score, thereby
>allowing me to control what gets deleted with resulting total.
>MS is a wonderful program. Mr. Field does a great job of answering all of
>the requests sent to the list, as do others. But concerning my original
>problem sumbitted to the list, I felt like a customer at a car dealer
>service department - I just couldn't make anyone believe this was what
>really was happening.

Okay, can you re-state the original (and current) problem, being very clear
to say exactly *what* is doing the RBL checking at each point (i.e. MS or SA).

The MS and SA rbl checks are totally separate. The SA ones contribute to
the SA score, which can cause either the "Spam Actions" or "High Scoring
Spam Actions" to be executed. The MS ones are just flags, and any of them
hitting will just cause the "Spam Actions" to be executed. The only time
you will get "High Scoring Spam Actions" is if you are doing SA even when
MS's rbl checks hit, and the SA score is over the "High Scoring" threshold
for SA.

May be if you could walk me through an example, it might be clearer. I must
be missing your point.
Julian Field
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