Quick question about disinfection and Sophos updating...

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 23 16:24:37 GMT 2003

At 15:24 23/01/2003, you wrote:
>Hello all...
>I'm still getting my head around MailScanner, and looking
>through the different options...
>I have:
>Deliver Disinfected Files = no
>Quarantine Infections = yes
>Quarantine Whole Message = yes
>Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files = no
>Does this stop the delivery of infected emails and quarantine them,
>but as a single message that can be examined in the quarantine directory?


>I don't basically want to 'strip'/disinfected messages that appeared to have
>a virus, I'd rather they were just plain stopped, and the sender and admin
>Also if I have:
>Allow IFrame Tags = no
>Allow Object Codebase Tags = no
>Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = yes
>Then messages with IFRAME and Object Codebase
>will be delivered, but 'sanitized'?

You need to allow them, but convert them. So you need
>Allow IFrame Tags = yes
>Allow Object Codebase Tags = yes
>Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = yes

>Apologies for the confusion, but I thought I saw a message
>stopped the other day for containing 'Object Codebase' tags, despite the
>Secondly, about Sophos updating ... every now and again is it just a case
>of getting the os-type.tar.gz file to the server (e.g. from CD or downloaded
>from Sophos), and running Sophos.install again?

Yes, every 2 or 3 months will do. If you start to get strange errors from
sophos-autoupdate, then your version has become too old and needs replacing.
Julian Field
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