Kaspersky DaemonClient

Murat Koc murat.koc at frontsite.com.tr
Thu Jan 23 15:39:59 GMT 2003


Sorry for late answer.

> Could the OP (Murat Koc) test it? You will probably have to update to the latest
> Kaspersky, but it works with old licenses without problems.

I tried your patch today and it works well, thank you very much for the

But, it didn't say found by kavdaemonclient. Just FYI. customer wants to
know which one is detected the virus because we use 4 virus scanners. 

And Julian, some of our customers needs send partial messages (I don't
know why and don't want to ask :)) so I think there should be a option
for allowing to send partial messages. Then I won't be disable partial
message check in SweepContent.pm :)

Thanks again Julian for MailScanner and Nerijus for your patch.

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