Spamassasin timing Out

Jason Cormie j.cormie at ABERTAY.AC.UK
Thu Jan 9 17:24:15 GMT 2003

Sorry, auto whitelist is off already,

I do have razor 1.20 installed as well, don't know if that could be causing
a problem

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From: Spicer, Kevin [mailto:Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK]
Sent: 09, January, 2003 17:17
Subject: Re: Spamassasin timing Out

I had almost what seems like the same problem over the Xmas holidays.  I
turned off spamassassin's auto-whitelist functionality and it cleared the
problem.  I really don't know whether that was source of the problem or not
- but you might like to try it!

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> From: Jason Cormie [mailto:j.cormie at ABERTAY.AC.UK]
> Sent: 09 January 2003 16:56
> Subject: [MAILSCANNER] Spamassasin timing Out
> Debian 3
> Mailscanner 3.26
> Exim 3.35
> Spamassassin 2.43
> Yes, I know this has been covered, but this afternoon my
> incoming queue
> started growing without transfering anything to outgoing...
> My RBLs are done by exim, so It can't be anything to do with that
> 'spamassasin timeout' is set to 60
> 'skip_rbl_checks' is set to 1
> If I set 'Use Spamassassin' to no and restart mailscanner my mail gets
> processed...
> Any ideas?
> Jason the Troubled

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