OT: Dynamically updating /etc/mail/access

Andrew M. Hoying andrewh at CQG.COM
Thu Jan 9 17:29:07 GMT 2003

I'm including the spamassassin list in this because I think it is
relevant there as well. Has anyone thought about starting some kind of
distributed (like razor and dcc) or community (like spamassassin) based
effort to build a near real time access list like this? Obviously this
list doesn't catch everything. If there was a way to submit new items
for the list to be reviewed and added by a large group of users, or
automatically tested and added in some cases, I think it could be even
more effective. Not that I'm unhappy with 70-80% of spam getting blocked
by the current access list at my site, but more is always better.

> http://basic.wirehub.nl/spamlist-usage.html

> The spamlist (http://basic.wirehub.nl/spamlist-extended.txt, 3,5 MB)
> updated every hour. If you like, you can just use the domain names by
> grepping "JUNK$" from http://basic.wirehub.nl/spamlist.txt.

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