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Wed Jan 8 23:11:41 GMT 2003

At 10:06 08/01/2003, you wrote:
>I seem to recall a discussion on this in the past where MS was not giving
>SA enough time - having searched the archives I think the relevant post is:
>The main issue is that MS gives SA 30 seconds before timing out.
>Unfortunately SA gives DNSBL lookups 30 seconds before it gives up so MS
>kills SA before its timed out and returned.
>My solution which seems to work was to increase the MS timeout of SA to
>40. The post above gives a fuller solution which reduces the timeout that
>SA uses on the RBLs.

What I will endeavour to add to the next version is an improvement to the
SA timeout code. So if SA times out lots of times in a row it will remove
SA's ability to do RBL lookups. If that fixes the timeouts then it will
carry on like that. If SA still times out after some more attempts, then it
will kill SA completely.

All this state is reset when MailScanner next does its auto restart in a
few hours time.
Julian Field
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