Upgrade from 4.10-1 to 4.11-1...

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jan 8 23:29:40 GMT 2003

Once the autoconf stuff works on lots of OS's, MailScanner will ship with
that so you can use a "configure" script to apply all these path changes to
everywhere they are needed.

At 16:11 08/01/2003, you wrote:
>On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 09:52, Lewis Bergman wrote:
> > What is wrong with the location and naming of Julian's stuff?
> > Why not use it as it is designed rather than asking him to change it to fit
> > your file layout? I can understand a feature request but file location is a
> > pretty arbitrary thing.
>While Julian has done a great job of setting up the directory tree,
>every site will have it's own quirks.
>We use /usr/local as a mounted filesystem via NFS so we don't have to
>install stuff everywhere.  I could put MS there, but it has problems
>with NFS and I wouldn't use NFS for ANYTHING critical.
>Also, we put MS on our SAN for the speed and for failover between two
>machine.  For this we need them to have different paths then each other
>if we wanted to process any stuck mail from one system on the other.
>For every reason you can think of to keep something standard, someone
>else can think up one for allowing the choice.
>I for one never had any problem changing the scripts.  That's what's
>great about OSS, you can!  I always thought it was such a minor issue.
>I'm sure he has plenty of other things to work on.  I'm sure someone out
>there could easily change it and submit a patch.
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Julian Field
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