SpamAssassin timeout

Florus Both florusb at ASCIO.COM
Tue Jan 7 12:34:18 GMT 2003

Same here.
To make spamassassin at least do some check I commented "skip_rbl_checks 1"
out in /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

Not a nice solution, but better then the timeout error.


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From: Daniel Zajd [mailto:daniel at ZAJD.COM]
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Subject: Re: SpamAssassin timeout


I got the same problem since this morning. Everything have been working
perfect until now. Anyone else having the same problem? Suggestions?


> Hi
> Since mid afternoon yesterday, spamassassin has timed out every time.
> I have tried increasing the timeout period to 30 seconds but that
> didn't help.
> Where can I find information on what is causing the timeout? -
> Mailscanner itself doesn't seem to have a problem and viruses are
> being detected ok.
> Martyn Routley

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