MailScanner causing server to crash

Bill Omer bill at SPIS.NET
Sun Jan 5 22:48:10 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 17:31, Jim Levie wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 16:06, Bill Omer wrote:
> > I do have a console on the machine, but the machine doesn't sit there
> > dead, it power-cycles it's self.  That makes me want to believe that
> > it's not a kernel panic.
> >
> I take it that you've already examined the logs to see if anything
> interesting was logged before the reboot?

I try to monitor the logs as much as possible, but I've yet to see
anything related to this problem.

> Is the system up to date w/respect to the 8.0 errata? I did see some
> spontaneous reboots on a dual processor 8.0 box before the first or
> second round of errata was made available. I keep the boxes up to data
> and haven't see anything like that since.
> > I'm going to try the version 3 series of mailscanner and see what kind
> > of results I get with that.  Since it doesn't fork (as I understand it)
> > it may not create such a load to cause the machine to reboot.
> >
> System load, per se, won't cause the reboot. However, if there's
> something flaky in the hardware configuration a high system load is more
> likely to expose the flaw.
> What is the typical system load? How much memory is installed?

With MailScanner running, around 1.5.  With only sendmail with
spamass-milter running, around 0.5.

There's a gig of ram installed (I earlier said a gig and a half, I was
mistaken).  Quad Xeon 500MHz cpu's.

Again, without MailScanner running, I've been able to get over a week of
uptime.  With it running, it never goes more than a day or two.  And
that is with Virus Scanner = no and Spam Checks = no.


> --
> The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed
> RedHat.

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