MailScanner causing server to crash

Bill Omer bill at SPIS.NET
Sun Jan 5 21:25:47 GMT 2003

I'm having a major problem with MailScanner (indirectly) and I am hoping
that someone here may be able to help me with it.  It seems that when
MailScanner (4.10) is running, the server tends to reboot.  However I
don't believe that it is a problem with MailScanner.  I say this because
the server is running on a RAID5 setup with a Mylex DAC960 controller
with Barracuda SCSI drives.

I suspect that the machine is rebooting due to the slowness of the RAID
array.  I'm not exactly sure though, but I do feel that it is directly

I'm currently running sendmail with spamass-milter with procmail to
filter out and delete spam, but I would like to be able to filter
viruses again.  I have tried disabling Virus Scanning and Spam Checks,
with both disabled the machine still crashes.

The crashes are random, sometimes the server will stay up and work
correctly for a few days, sometimes it can't last an hour.  The machine
its self is a quad Xeon 500MHz setup with a gig and a half of ram,
running RedHat 8.0.  There is nothing in the log files to point anywhere
since the machine is rebooting before it can write to syslog.

Could anyone offer any insight on this problem?

Bill Omer

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