MailScanner causing server to crash

Richard Keech rkeech at KEECH.CX
Sun Jan 5 21:46:08 GMT 2003


Run the system in runlevel 3 so you have a text console.
This will better let you see what messages are generated
that might otherwise be lost.

You need to determine if it is experiencing a kernel panic.
So the console messages at the time of the event are vital.

I suspect the only involvement with mailscanner is the load
mailscanner places on the system.


On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 08:25, Bill Omer wrote:
> I'm having a major problem with MailScanner (indirectly) and I am hoping
> that someone here may be able to help me with it.  It seems that when
> MailScanner (4.10) is running, the server tends to reboot.  However I
> don't believe that it is a problem with MailScanner.  I say this because
> the server is running on a RAID5 setup with a Mylex DAC960 controller
> with Barracuda SCSI drives.
> I suspect that the machine is rebooting due to the slowness of the RAID
> array.  I'm not exactly sure though, but I do feel that it is directly
> related.
> I'm currently running sendmail with spamass-milter with procmail to
> filter out and delete spam, but I would like to be able to filter
> viruses again.  I have tried disabling Virus Scanning and Spam Checks,
> with both disabled the machine still crashes.
> The crashes are random, sometimes the server will stay up and work
> correctly for a few days, sometimes it can't last an hour.  The machine
> its self is a quad Xeon 500MHz setup with a gig and a half of ram,
> running RedHat 8.0.  There is nothing in the log files to point anywhere
> since the machine is rebooting before it can write to syslog.
> Could anyone offer any insight on this problem?
> Regards,
> Bill Omer
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