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Steve Evans wrote:
> I got the patches but I'm out of the office.  I'll test it first thing in the morning.  Thanks for the great ammo to fire back with.
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>               I was debating with someone on another list about the differences between some multi-thousand dollar spam-filtering software and MailScanner/SpamAssassin.
>               Here was one of his comments.
>                       Two pieces of S/MIME goodness:
>                       - block/quarantine any messages sent using S/MIME to a particular domain or domains (e.g. encrypted mail from   joe at microsoft.com to jane at lotus.com)
>                       - block/quarantine any messages NOT sent using S/MIME (e.g. mail from billg at microsoft.com to some_lawyer at biglaw.com)
>                       These features alone are worth the cost for many enterprises, where fear of legal hassles often outweighs purchase and maintenance costs.
>               Might be a worthy feature.  Let me know if it's possible so I can continue my argument.  Thanks.
>       I wonder how many of his "multi-thousand dollar spam-filtering software" packages would have been able to deliver his new favourite features in about 3 1/2 hours?
>       (I posted tested patches to Steve off-list a while ago)

I believe that the special form of a S/MIME email can be easily intercepted by the mailscanner engine, so a future work
could be this feature, but the responsiveness to the real world attack (mailscanner do this form me...) is a crucial
point in computer security; maybe if mailscanner will be sold out for 30.000 $ to these companies, Julian will be happy
and the company too (they think that Opensource is worst, and payware is better .....)

MS is definitely the better way to do this job. (... if Julian support us for 30 years from now ...)

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