Where in sendmail do I add a new forward address for MailScanner?

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at MAIL.WINNEFOX.ORG
Tue Feb 25 16:54:11 GMT 2003


I've recently gotten MailScanner setup on a redhat 8 box running sendmail.

My linux box is email.winnefox.org, the exchange box is mail.winnefox.org.
I've got mail going into email and scanning and forwarding to mail. I was
just reminded we have an old server (axp.winnefox.org) that handles a few
listservs. Right now, everything going to axp is being bounced back to the
sender. I know I just need to add that address in somewhere, but I can't
think of which area I add it?

Jody Cleveland
(cleveland at mail.winnefox.org)

Winnefox Library System
Computer Support Specialist

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