MailScanner support

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Tue Feb 25 00:08:28 GMT 2003

Hello everyone,

> May i add to this, it also is way  beyond any reasonable expectations for
> a product which is for sale?

I have really learned a lot from reading through this mailing list and I have
to admit that the level of promptness that Julian has shown is beyond any of my
expectations. I know for a fact that before he released today's patch, he
worked for hours on my system till he nailed the bug. Remember that the bug was
not an issue in MailScanner but rather in SA 2.50.

I would love to contribute in any way I can to help take some load off your
shoulder Julian. Your software did make me look like a hero to my users and
ofcourse to the management, who was really impressed with the results.

I am offering my help to this community


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