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Daniel Bird dbird at SGHMS.AC.UK
Tue Feb 25 01:44:31 GMT 2003

Julian et al,
I must admit I am a very infrequent mailer to this list (basically only
when I have a problem) But I must say this is an absolutely fantastic
piece of software, and regardless of whether you are going to charge for
support or not I will continue using it.

The level of support Julian provides as a "one man band" is astonishing
and I hope everyone on this list appreciates as I do the level of
commitment Julian puts in. I just goes to show the talent available in
the public sector ;-)

Julian, thank you for making my life easier. Likewise the rest of you.



Marco Obaid wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>>May i add to this, it also is way  beyond any reasonable expectations for
>>a product which is for sale?
>I have really learned a lot from reading through this mailing list and I have
>to admit that the level of promptness that Julian has shown is beyond any of my
>expectations. I know for a fact that before he released today's patch, he
>worked for hours on my system till he nailed the bug. Remember that the bug was
>not an issue in MailScanner but rather in SA 2.50.
>I would love to contribute in any way I can to help take some load off your
>shoulder Julian. Your software did make me look like a hero to my users and
>ofcourse to the management, who was really impressed with the results.
>I am offering my help to this community
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