SpamAssassin 2.50 news

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Feb 3 22:11:33 GMT 2003

Agreed, if you manually do the learning process, it should be fine, even
with multiple users, as long as the spam/nonspam it is fed is reasonably

However, auto-learning will be subject to the same ALL_SPAM_TO type
problems that the AWL is subject to.

Really I don't think that autolearning is all that good an idea anyway,
since it causes false positives and/or false negatives to be

Probably the best solution is to have some kind of special email address
that users can send mail to manually to cause SA to learn from it. (ie:
learn_nonspam at, learn_spam at and use a procmail
script to crank emails to these fake accounts to the learning commands of
SA. You'll probably also want to add some sender and/or recieved path
checks to that procmail script to avoid abuse from the outside by spammers.

At 10:59 PM 1/29/2003 -0500, Rose, Bobby wrote:
>Autolearning isn't in there yet.  Even so it'll be a configurable
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>From: Steve Evans [mailto:sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU]
>Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 10:31 PM
>Subject: Re: SpamAssassin 2.50 news
>Have you looked into how the bayes filtering is going to work with
>MailScanner?  My understanding is that bayes is designed to learn off a
>single user, and may not have desirable affects when the learning
>process uses your entire mail flow.
>Steve Evans
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>From: Julian Field [mailto:mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK]
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>Subject: SpamAssassin 2.50 news
>For all the SpamAssassin users, here is a reply I just got on the SAtalk
>mailing list.
> >On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 09:14:35PM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
> > > I know this is probably a dangerous question, but is there yet any
> > > idea of a very rough ETA for the next version of this wonderful
> > > package?
> >
> >Very rough: by end of Q1.  Less, but still, rough: by end of Februrary.
> >
> > > Just want to know whether I should start trying out CVS versions or
> > > just wait a couple of weeks for the real release.
> >
> >The main code is pretty much done, but the stuff that's in progress are
> >the scores.
>So we've got a good 6 weeks (or thereabouts) to go before the new
>version of SA will be available and settled.
>Julian Field
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