4.12-2 Solaris buglet

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Mon Feb 3 20:37:55 GMT 2003

This check_mailscanner works on Solaris 8.  No fgreps here whereas there
were with the 4.12-2 check_mailscanner.

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Here's a new check_mailscanner for you to try out.

I haven't gone for a "uname -s" approach yet, as I don't know the exact
string they all produce (e.g. does HP-UX say "HP", "HPUX" or "HP-UX"?).

But using "fgrep >/dev/null" instead of "fgrep -q" seems to work okay,
if not quite as fast as just running "uname -s" once. But I am not
remotely interested in the speed of this script.

At 14:53 03/02/2003, you wrote:
>    I upgraded from 4.11-1 to 4.12-2 today, Solaris 8, and got 
>complaints from my startup script:
>/bin/fgrep: illegal option -- q
>I dug around and found that bin/check_mailscanner has a define at the 
>top of FGREP=/bin/fgrep.  Then a few lines down, the script
>if $UNAME | $FGREP -q "SunOS" ; then
>which causes the complaints.  How about just a test against "uname -s" 
>UNAME=`/bin/uname -s`
>if [ $UNAME = "SunOS" ]; then
>My quick fix to the problem was to change the definition of FGREP to 
>use /usr/local/bin/fgrep, the GNU version that supports -q.

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