Spam/bounce problem

David Höhn dh at UPTIME.AT
Thu Dec 18 14:31:09 GMT 2003

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Tony Johansson wrote:

| Does anyone have a remedy for this problem?
Since Julian showed you the "MailScanner" way of doing this, I will try
to explain the Sendmail Way.

| I guess I could only accept messages (at #4) for legitimate users but that
| would probably attract some directory harvest attacks. Not to mention
| keeping the list up to date.
First of all, to avoid "user Unknown" messages on a perimeter sendmail
which has no idea about valid users you can deploy LDAP. With LDAP
routing (which works very nicely in sendmail) even the remote SPMT gate
knowns which users are valid and which aren't. Thus the Mail is rejected
while it is still in transit.

See doc/op/op.txt:         LDAP section

| Is it possible to run bounced messages (from:<>) in a different queue with
| lower priority? Any ideas on how to do this the MailScanner and sendmail?
On multiple queues. Yes, you can have multiple queues which are based on
Header information. Those queues can be invoked with different
priorities and different amount of queue runners.

See doc/op/op.txt: on "multiple queue" groups.

comp.mail.sendmail also has valuable tips on the topic.
| Regards, Tony

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