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Tony Johansson wrote:
| I have a problem with bounces at a school where I help support their
| MailScanner installation.
| It seems spammers use the schools domain name with faked usernames as a
| return address. I've seem this at a different site but it was just a dozen
| or so which could easily be entered into sendmails access.db
| The school now gets approx 8-10.000 of these bounces daily, which is about
| 80% of their total traffic. The return addresses are random so adding them
| to access.db is not an option. The machine running MailScanner is pretty
| low end and has problems keeping up with the queues.
| The flow is something like this:
| 1. Spammer sends spam to abc at, spam has the spoofed return
| address xyz at
| 2. No such user at full/disabled etc
| 3. Mail bounces to xyz at (with return path "<>")
| 4. Smtpgate at (running mailscanner) accepts message, forwards
| to internal server
| 5. Internal server sees that the address xyz at is non-existant
| 6. Internal server tries to bounce the message, to xyz at, but
| naturally it cannot be delivered
| 7. Message is sent to postmaster at, "I tried to deliver a bounce
| message to this address, but the bounce bounced!"
| Does anyone have a remedy for this problem?

use the sendmail double bounce suppression feature talked about recently on this

- ----
- ----


in aliases:
- ----
double-bounce: /dev/null
- ----


now any e-mails that bounced and the bounce message bounces will be delivered to
/dev/null. :)

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