Spam/bounce problem

Errol Neal sysadmins at ENHTECH.COM
Mon Dec 22 21:59:34 GMT 2003

At 11:23 AM 12/22/2003, you wrote:
>At 16:17 22/12/2003, you wrote:
>>At 09:14 AM 12/18/2003, you wrote:
>>>Then in outgoing.queue.rules put this:
>>>From:   /^$/            /var/spool/mqueue.slow
>>>FromOrTo: default       /var/spool/mqueue
>>Forgive my ignorance.. what does the /^$/ mean?
>It means "match a totally empty address".

Hi Julian,

This is not producing the expected results. /var/spool/mqueue.slow is
empty. However I made the modifications to my config
per your example. Should I have done anything else?

Errol Neal

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