Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Mon Dec 15 17:05:58 GMT 2003

I got a note from a user that she had been unsubscribed from HTMLQUICKNEWS
from cnn.  I have an iframe.whitelist.rules which I've edited so future
emails can pass, but it would have been handy if postmaster (or even she)
had gotten a notice from MS to the effect that these were being filtered.
She'll probably have to resubscribe.  She got several notices, but ignored
the first couple.  With so much nonsense coming into users mailboxes these
days (even w/the filters up) I can understand why she didn't pay much
attention but it would have been nice to have been told after the first
notice.  Sigh.

I checked the logs this morning, but that's tedious and it's easy to miss
things.  If there was an automatic notice then when a non-whitelisted iframe
tag or whatever comes through, the mail administrator or user would
immediately know it, and could either whitelist it or
not depending on the appropriateness rather than waiting for the user to get
a notice (if one actually comes) from the originator.

I used to get a lot of object-codebase tags, until I upgraded to the
4.25-14.  Now I disarm them (which is great) and no more messages in the
postmaster mailbox.  I also used to allow all i-frames but now whitelist
them which is just dapper too.  For those not whitelisted a message to the
postmaster would have been quite handy.  Or maybe there's a way to do that
already & I'm just a bonehead?


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