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>Subject: MailScanner installation problems
>I haven't done a awfull lot with Linux before so this is probably the
>reason why I am having problems with the installation of the
>I have Linux Suse 9 with Sendmail running. I can send emails through my
>Exchange organization to this Senmail box and deliver them to
>the remote
>hosts. Also incoming email works fine. So I am pretty sure the SendMail
>part if working.
>To add virus scanning and anti-SPAM measurements I want to add
>MailScanner to sendmail.
>For this I have downloaded MailScanner-4.25-14.suse.tar and performed
>the steps described on
> but I am not getting
>the response I am expecting from the system
>I ran the tar xvf MailScanner-4.25-14.suse.tar and I got the
>and files listed as it should.
>The bit about the TNEF I don't really understand. Can somebody help me
>out here?
>For the rest I followed the steps to change the lines that are
>needed to
>start sendmail but again. What is described on the website is different
>from my information.
>This bit on the website does not make any sense to me
>Currently, your copy of sendmail will be started by a script such as
>/etc/init.d/mail or /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail. Somewhere in this script
>will be the command to start sendmail itself. This should look like
>    sendmail -bd -q15m
>You should change this to the following two lines:
>    sendmail -bd -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn -ODeliveryMode=queueonly
>    sendmail -q15m
>I don't have the line
>    sendmail -bd -q15m
>But have
># Description: Start the Sendmail MTA
>test -s /etc/sysconfig/mail && \
>. /etc/sysconfig/mail
>test -s /etc/sysconfig/sendmail && \
>. /etc/sysconfig/sendmail
>if test -z "$SENDMAIL_ARGS" ; then
>SENDMAIL_ARGS="-L sendmail -Am -bd -q15m -om"
>if test -z "$SENDMAIL_CLIENT_ARGS" ; then
>SENDMAIL_CLIENT_ARGS="-L sendmail-client -Ac -qp30m"
>if test "$SMTPD_LISTEN_REMOTE" != "yes" ; then
>SENDMAIL_ARGS="-O DaemonPortOptions=Addr= $SENDMAIL_ARGS"
>What do I need to change now?
>Many thanks

Don't worry about the missing sendmail line in the /etc/init.d/sendmail
script.  The proper parameters are set in /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner, or in
the /etc/init.d/MailScanner script.  Make sure that in
/etc/sysconfig/MailScanner that you have the proper MTA selected - it's the
first couple of lines.  By default it's Postfix; I had to comment that out
and uncomment sendmail.

Just go to the command line and enter:
        chkconfig sendmail off
which will insure that sendmail doesn't start on it's own.  When you're
happy that everything is working fine, enter
        chkconfig MailScanner on
to enable it to start automatically at boot.  To control it, use
rcMailScanner [stop, start, reload, etc.]  Redhat nomenclature would be
"service MailScanner [stop, start...]" so if you see that in the docs or
elsewhere just mentally substitute the rcSCRIPTNAME verbage instead.  FWIW,
that works for all the scripts so you can say rcsendmail as well.

You may have already done it, but in /etc/sysconfig/mail you want to set the

The first turns keeps SuSEConfig from clobbering your customizations, and
the second tells sendmail to accept mail from other hosts.  By default it
will only accept mail from itself.

SuSE seems to have changed things around a bit in sendmail.  If you want to
alter your /etc/ file, edit the file in /etc/mail then
do the m4 magic that turns all the various .mc files into the
file.  I forget the syntax off the top of my head.

I think that outta about cover it.  Good luck...

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