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Michael Janssen Janssen at RZ.UNI-FRANKFURT.DE
Wed Dec 10 14:39:15 GMT 2003

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Julian Field wrote:

> 1) Es wurden zu viele Anhänge in der e-mail gefunden
> 2) Zu viele Anhänge in e-mail wurde gefunden
> 3) Zu viele Anhänge in e-mail
> 4) Zu viele Anhänge in der Email
> 5) Zu hohe Anzahl an Anhängen
> 6) Eine zu hohe Anzahl an Attachments wurde gefunden
> Votes for the above please. By number.


The spelling of "Email" is another problem. "Email" seems actually
preferred in reports/de but "Email" (beside e-mail and e-Mail) was a
german word long before the net has occoured: enamel ("gloss paint on
metal"). Therefore correct spelling (as suggested by e.g. is E-Mail (which is not easy
to type, so people type something like e-Mail, eMail, e-mail (plain
good english) or Email)

The good thing is, Email in the sense of enamel isn't used a lot and
especially not with computers ;-) People who cooks, might have trubble.


PS: google and want "zu viele" in two words.

> Only native German speakers please. If you didn't learn "gaah gaah" in
> German before the age of 1 then please don't vote.
> And I thought the Spanish could never agree on anything... ;-)
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> Julian Field
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