Upgrade Production Box

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Dec 8 14:22:41 GMT 2003

On Monday 08 December 2003 2:17 pm, Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions

> You don't really need to stop anything. We upgrade on production boxes all
> the time.
> Basically ignore the running instance of MailScanner completely, run the
> install script make the upgrade to the .conf files and then restart it.

I think the reliability of this depends on how long you take to do the
upgrade.   If MailScanner decides to kill off an old child and restart a new
one, or does its periodic reload of the conf file, whilst you're halfway
through the upgrade, it might do something you hadn't expected / intended.

Safer I think to shutdown, upgrade, restart.

> No mail will be lost

True enough, but some of it could get processed in a way you hadn't


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