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David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Tue Dec 2 17:22:32 GMT 2003

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Michel (by way of Michel ) wrote:

> I do now consider changing MTA.... I'm orginally a "Sendmail-guy" but would
> like to test Exim or Zmailer before falling back to Sendmail
I am a sendmail guy as well (and happy with it :P) but currently
evaluating Exim + MailScanner, which seems to work fine too.

(if). Julian
> recommended Exim, so perhaps that's the logical choice?!   *but*, I'm reading
> about some local root exploits for, although earlier versions of, Exim, which
> is why I'm hesitating. :)
Is that Exim3 ?

> Preferred MTA?  Exim or Zmailer or {insert favourite MTA} ?
I'd want
First Choice  Sendmail + MailScanner (due to milter support)
Second Choice Exim + MailScanner

> Anyone got good/bad experience of Zmailer + MailScanner ( + SpamAssassin) ??
> On a busy (1000+ e-mails per day) proxy/gateway or server??
1000+ I would not call anywhere near busy ;) One of the Server we have
on sendmail+MailScanner does around 20K a day and is happy. But even
that is a laughable amount of daily mail.

- -d

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