Mailscanner / Spamassassin working, but not adding headers

Kevin Hanser Kevin at MICA.NET
Tue Apr 29 16:03:36 IST 2003

I am experiencing an odd problem with a Mailscanner / Spamassassin install
that I just performed.  Installed latest versions (not cvs) of MailScanner
and Spamassassin on a RH 7.2 box yesterday.  Most everything is working as
it should.  Spam messages are being identified, and the subject line is
being changed.  The maillog is properly recording the spam messages.
However, the headers don't seem to be getting added to the spam messages.
I've checked and double checked my configuration, and I can't figure out
what's going on.  I even have the "Always include spam report" option set to
on, but still no headers.  Is there a way to tell Mailscanner to write a
more detailed log than what it writes in the maillog, so that I might be
able to figure out what's going on here?  I've done numerous other
installations that are all working, but this latest one is determined to
give me headaches it seems.

Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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