Mailscanner / Spamassassin working, but not adding headers

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Apr 29 16:16:46 IST 2003


> However, the headers don't seem to be getting added to the spam messages.
> I've checked and double checked my configuration, and I can't figure out
> what's going on.  I even have the "Always include spam report" option set to
> on, but still no headers.  Is there a way to tell Mailscanner to write a
> more detailed log than what it writes in the maillog, so that I might be
> able to figure out what's going on here?  I've done numerous other
> installations that are all working, but this latest one is determined to
> give me headaches it seems.

There is

# Do you want all spam to be logged? Useful if you want to gather
# spam statistics from your logs, but can increase the system load quite
# a bit if you get a lot of spam.
Log Spam = yes

I assume you have this allready turned on?

And also:

# Do you want to always include the Spam Report in the SpamCheck
# header, even if the message wasn't spam?
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Always Include SpamAssassin Report = no

You could switch that one to yes


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