Selling a product based on MailScanner?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Apr 29 15:51:32 IST 2003

A lot of sites are very cautious about having anything other than an
"appliance" or a "managed service" for providing email security.

So what I would like to do is run a page on the site
(linked from that lists products, systems and services
that I know about, which use MailScanner.

So if you are commercially providing any service or system based around
MailScanner to the general public, please drop me a line (off-list).

I will give you at least a link to a web page of your choosing (it doesn't
have to be just your home page). Give me a few words that describe your
product or service, and I might choose to add them as well. If I don't like
what you send me, I'll re-write it. So be nice...

Exactly what information gets put on the list, and in what order, is
entirely up to me. I retain complete editorial control of the whole list.

This is a chance for some free advertising, so make good use of it.
I'm not charging anything for listing your product/service, but a suitable
donation would be appreciated (how much would a commercial site charge you
for this?).
Julian Field
Professional Support Services at
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