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Wed Apr 23 20:46:45 IST 2003

At 19:54 23/04/2003, you wrote:
>El 23 Apr 2003 a las 20:40, Raymond Dijkxhoorn escribió:
> > Hi!
> >
> > > >Nice to see people still running zmailer. We have been running it when
> > > >i was working for SoneraPlaza, zmailer is a Sonera internal project :)
> >
> > > Have you tested the MailScanner support for ZMailer?
> >
> > No, currently i am not working with any ZMailer system. Its a very nice
> > mailer however, with all the queue mechanism inside. I really would
> > recommend it to _large_ volume mailers.
>Yup... that's why my announce of ZMailer support in MailScanner got such a
>cold ¿welcome?... people running ZMailer are really speed freaks and all the
>MailScanner/SpamAssassin stuff is orders of magnitude slower than that...
>Eugene Crosser said:
>Granted, spamassassin is waaaaay too slow to handle any real traffic...
>Anyway, I'm just doing our first production environment installation of
>zmailer+mailscanner... when I put that into production I'll give actual
>figures for performance.

If you can beat 1.5 million messages per day (including 3 RBL's and 
SpamAssassin) on a PC, I would like to know. I did that using Exim.

I will have to install ZMailer and have a play. Are there any up to date 
RedHat rpm's of it, or do I need to install it from source?
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