MailScanner on Red Hat 8.0 w/Exch (USER Unknown problem)

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Apr 23 20:18:31 IST 2003


> was originally getting the port 25 traffic). When I do that my maillog
> in /var/log/mailllog says that my email users are unknow users and it
> appears not to deliver email to the exchange box through the linux
> sendmail/mailscanner box that has been part of the earlier discussion.

Its asuming its local users, you could do this in a different way. Put in
a entry in the mailertable. (/etc/mail/mailertable)

Like this:                          smtp:[]

If you put in your domain, and the hostname of your exchange box it should
go a little better i think. The linux box forwards all mail for the
mentioned domain to mail.<something>

> thing is supposed to take care of the forwarding automatically.I need to
> resolve why the mailscanner box isn't forwarding email to the exchange
> box when it comes in (I can see that it is getting the mail in the mail
> log, it just says unknown user). I currently turned off named and am
> relying on the dns entry on the machine to point to the W2K DNS server

Thats depending on some other settings. Did you accidently add for
example the domain you relay for in the /etc/mail/local-hostnames ?


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