MailScanner on Red Hat 8.0 w/Exch (USER Unknown problem)

Steve Hickel smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Wed Apr 23 20:11:44 IST 2003


My apologies in making it seem like chat. You are so good at figuring
this stuff out that in my zeal I launched a bunch of emails and things
got crossed.

I got the sending of email resolved. I did what you suggested with the
access file. But since I am not a linux guru I use webmin to do a lot of
setup of configs.Currently I was using a slave zone on bind to the W2K
dns server box, but I noted that the linux server named service wasn't
started, even though it had the slave entries from the W2K box
populated. The service just wasn't coming up even though it was told to
on startup. My linux box dns record points to the W2K dns servers that
have two mx records for mail. The pref 10 record points to the exchange
box. The pref 20 record points to the linux box. I changed the firewall
to static nat to the linux box all port 25 traffic. (the exchange box
was originally getting the port 25 traffic). When I do that my maillog
in /var/log/mailllog says that my email users are unknow users and it
appears not to deliver email to the exchange box through the linux
sendmail/mailscanner box that has been part of the earlier discussion.

I am at a loss where to look for an answer at this point as I tested per
your suggestion the  setting that told unknown users to be forwarded to
the exchange box, but I would think this would be redundant as the mx
thing is supposed to take care of the forwarding automatically.I need to
resolve why the mailscanner box isn't forwarding email to the exchange
box when it comes in (I can see that it is getting the mail in the mail
log, it just says unknown user). I currently turned off named and am
relying on the dns entry on the machine to point to the W2K DNS server
that has the two mx records for the domain. It is possible that I need
another set of mx records for the W2K domain that the exchange server
thinks it is sending mail from. Anyway, that is where I am at now.


Steve Hickel <smhickel at>
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