"report_header 1" invalid for SA?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Apr 23 18:21:40 IST 2003

At 01:02 PM 4/23/2003 -0400, John Goggan wrote:

>So, then, is the command invalid for both MA and SA then?  I mean, if MS isn't
>using it -- and SA's check says it isn't valid -- then what's it there for?
>Maybe it is no longer a SA keyword and the MS default spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>file should just no longer have it (it currently has it commented out, but
>says it can be used)?
>Or did you mean something else?
>  - John...

report_header is deprecated in SA 2.5x and is an invalid option now. Please
read the top of the README in the SA 2.5x tarball. report_safe 0 is the new
option that is equivalent to report_header 1.

It also doesn't matter what SpamAssassin tagging style is set to when
running SA under MailScanner.

MailScanner generates the spam-tag headers itself and does not use the ones
generated by SA. Thus, changing tagging options in your SpamAssassin
configuration files is futile. Configure the mailscanner options in
mailscanner.conf instead. Note that these options are _NOT_ the same syntax
as the SA ones, so read mailscanner.conf closely.

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