"report_header 1" invalid for SA?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Wed Apr 23 18:28:32 IST 2003

Matt Kettler wrote:
> report_header is deprecated in SA 2.5x and is an invalid option now.

That is what I was figuring -- and trying to pass along and/or suggest to
Julian -- so that it could be removed from the default spamassassin config

> Please read the top of the README in the SA 2.5x tarball. report_safe
> 0 is the new option that is equivalent to report_header 1.

Indeed.  I have no plans to use the option with SA actually -- I just wanted
the MS distribution corrected really if it was no longer valid.

> MailScanner generates the spam-tag headers itself and does not use the ones
> generated by SA. Thus, changing tagging options in your SpamAssassin
> configuration files is futile. Configure the mailscanner options in
> mailscanner.conf instead. Note that these options are _NOT_ the same syntax
> as the SA ones, so read mailscanner.conf closely.

As I said, MailScanner is already doing it exactly as I want it.  It was just
that, when I upgraded, I noticed that that option was different than my old
one -- so when I put it back to match my old one and got the error from SA, I
figured something was up.

Again, mainly just wanted to make sure that it was no longer valid for SA
(which is the case) and therefore pass that along to Julian so that it
wouldn't be included in the default spamassassin config file in future
releases (even if it is commented out by default).  Either it should be
removed -- or changed to the report_safe keyword.


 - John...

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