Postfix support -- beta release

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Apr 13 17:38:21 IST 2003

Well folks, it's out there. Just posted 4.15-2 which includes support for
Postfix and ZMailer. It also includes the updated f-prot-wrapper which will
solve problems for people running F-Prot with a ramdisk or tmpfs.

It has been tried mostly on Postfix 2, but should support Postfix 1 as
well. The versions have different directory structures under
/var/spool/postfix, just to keep me amused...

There is a Postfix + MailScanner installation guide linked from the
"Installation Guides" web page, but I don't think this file made it into
the RPMs. It's in the tar distribution and on the web site though.

In the /usr/lib/MailScanner directory, I have put Tony Finch's
mcafee-autoupdate.gnu script. I've got a clean version from him
(somewhere!) but I don't think I have incorporated that yet. But some of
you might like to try it.

A lot of the reason that Postfix support has appeared is due to the
excellent contribution by Mariano Absatz in implementing support for
ZMailer. He managed to find a solution to all sorts of things that had been
stopping Postfix support.

For the lovers of stats among you, MailScanner in total is now just over
19,500 lines of Perl and shell script. One of my bigger projects for a few
years now. I hate to think how big it would be if written in C :-)

At 18:50 12/04/2003, you wrote:
>We're in the process of switching from sendmail to postfix in a small IPS
>environment. We have a "development" environment and would be happy to
>help with the postfix testing and debugging. We're also using SpamAssassin
>and Sophos.

Thanks. That would be really useful.
Julian Field
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