Postfix support -- beta release

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Apr 14 14:28:51 IST 2003

El 13 Apr 2003 a las 17:38, Julian Field escribió:

> Well folks, it's out there. Just posted 4.15-2 which includes support for
> Postfix and ZMailer. It also includes the updated f-prot-wrapper which will
> solve problems for people running F-Prot with a ramdisk or tmpfs.
> A lot of the reason that Postfix support has appeared is due to the
> excellent contribution by Mariano Absatz in implementing support for
> ZMailer. He managed to find a solution to all sorts of things that had been
> stopping Postfix support.
Well... I actually only sketched the ZMailer port... the actual work was done 
by Leo Helman who is really a better programmer than I am... I'm only taking 
credit 'cause I speak and write better in English, so I kept the dialog with 
Julian, so actual kudos should go to Leo.

I'll try to write a quick ZMailer+MailScanner installation guide in a few 


Mariano Absatz
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