Deleting all Messages with a specific address in the "To:" field....

Evert Ford richard_cipher at YAHOO.COM
Mon Apr 7 19:48:28 IST 2003

An e-mail address associated with an old domain that is no longer used gets 
nothing but spam
e-mail at that old address is forwarded to the new server by the ISP.  The 
"To:" field is still tagged with the old server's domain.
I have a rule to call everything at the old domain spam:
To:me at olddomain.comyes
I also have a rule for spam actions to delete it:
To:me at olddomain.comdelete
I look at the headers, and I see the old server info in the "To:" field, 
but the e-mail goes through just fine, and isn't marked as spam.  I checked 
the whitelist rules, and it isn't whitelisted.
Is the ISP forward what's making this not work?  Any Ideas?  If I use 
sendmail to delete it, it induces latency, and fetchmail dies
I am using fetchmail version 6.2, sendmail version 8.12-7 and MailScanner 
4.14 on a Redhat Linux 7.2 system
Thanks for any Input!
Evert Ford
Westone Laboratories.

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