Score is -35 but it is still marked as s p a m, why?

Sun Apr 6 22:46:37 IST 2003

Okay it must have been a bug with the previous version(s) of MailScanner and/or SpamAssassin because it is working now with the auto
whitelisting off.  It might have also been another option in the /etc/init.d/MailScanner that I had changed, but now went back to
the stock MailScanner init.d script.

MailScanner  v14.4-9
SpamAssassin  v2.53


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Subject: Re: Score is -35 but it is still marked as s p a m, why?

> Right now with auto whitelisting
> on, it just tags some e-mail that it doesn't find to be spam and has a
> lower than required score with the modified subject line
> addition of "{Spam?}.
> Okay, so you've established that its your MailScanner thats adding the
> tags.  I don't know how representative the mail you posted was, but by
> virtue of the fact the '{Spam?}' tag is not the first thing on the
> subject line it might have been added when the email left your site
> (before being replied to).
> To find out if this is the case you might like to turn on spam logging
> in MailScanner.conf...
> Log Spam = yes
> Hopefully this will enable you to prove whether the spam tag is being
> added when the mail leaves your site & if so will capture the
> SpamAssassin rules triggered to enable you to work out why.
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