Sophos Licensing

Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Fri Apr 4 14:17:20 IST 2003

Not aware of any License implications, however hen I contacted Sophos
about 2 weeks ago to evaluate their product their pricing I thought is too
high. Basically for an ISP they suggested that we pay per mailbox per
month. For 1000 mail boxes it would cost is $300/month!. We are currently
evaluating F-prot which I believe is $450/server per year -- much more

Regards, --
Matthew K Bowman

"Hall, Douglas" <Douglas.Hall at PROQUEST.CO.UK>
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04/04/2003 04:00 AM
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        Subject:        Sophos Licensing

Cany any mailscanner+sophos users can help me out here. I've
received a quote from sophos for use with mailscanner, and
they include pricing for SAV Interface and SAV Connect licenses.

Does anyone know which license is needed for use with
MailScanner. I am only asking for verification here, because
the chap I spoke with at sophos seemed a little unsure(!).

Given the huge differential in price, I'd like to be sure
which is needed before I test sophos out any further.

Perhaps this should be in the FAQ?



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