Sophos Licensing

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Fri Apr 4 15:16:13 IST 2003

Quoting Matthew Bowman <mbowman at UDCOM.COM>:

> Not aware of any License implications, however hen I contacted Sophos
> about 2 weeks ago to evaluate their product their pricing I thought is too
> high. Basically for an ISP they suggested that we pay per mailbox per
> month. For 1000 mail boxes it would cost is $300/month!. We are currently
> evaluating F-prot which I believe is $450/server per year -- much more
> appetizing.

Also, look into CommandSoft (
I bought their product after I bought Sophos (I am running both). From cost-
perepectives Command is a great deal. I honestly do not trust Sophos as a
company anymore. The sales reps are not straight forward. The techs are good
but are not quick to admit screw-ups.

>From preformance perspectives, I am using Command with MailScanner since the
last screwed-up engine that Sophos released. It is much better than Sophos on
my end.

At any rate, my advice is to take your time evaluating other products. Sophos
is good but so are other products.


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