SpamAssassin timed out and was killed,

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Apr 4 10:15:30 IST 2003

At 11:06 03/04/2003, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have search and searched and have not been able able to find any information
>on this error message or anything on how to fix it.
>.....SpamAssassin timed out and was killed,.....
>I am running MailScanner version 4.13-3 and SpamAssassin version 2.52
>Could anyone tell me how to do the following
>1. Turn up the logging to achive better logging of SpamAssassin errors in
>2. What this error might be and point me in the direction of where to start

The next release will have a "Debug SpamAssassin" configuration option.
Julian Field
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