startup with sendmail 8.12 .*

Tom Combs combs at
Thu Apr 3 15:21:27 IST 2003

  Yes, I should have used *want* instead of *need*.  I have patched my
  8.11.6 releases but I like to stay some what current with the sendmail
  releases after I'm sure they are stable.  8.12.* is a different beast
  and I'd like to make the change.   --Tom

>Why do you *need* to move to 8.12?  Just curious...
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>Subject: startup with sendmail 8.12 .*
>  I'd need to move from sendmail 8.11.6 to sendmail 8.12.9.  I'm not
>  clear how I need to start sendmail/mailscanner under the new smmsp set up.
>  Would someone be so kind as to send me their init.d/sendmail script
>  so I can see what needs to be done.  TIA!   --Tom Combs

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