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Nicholas Esborn nicholas_esborn at AFFYMETRIX.COM
Thu Apr 3 23:50:53 IST 2003


On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 11:46:37AM -0800, Craig Pratt wrote:
> Are you talking about filtering your spam into a separate mailbox
> folder? Any other outlook-related configuration doesn't have much to do
> with MailScanner.

Yes, I'm basically trying to partition Spam into a seperate mailbox or
folder so that users don't see Spam in their normal mailbox, but can
retrieve misclassified valid mail.

> We use procmail to put messages identified as spam (currently using the
> subject line) into each user's "Bulk" folder, which is viewable via
> IMAP. This also allows the user to find any misclassified e-mails and -
> when we enable it - users can place false negatives in there for Bayes
> filter training. You can also run a daily job to purge old messages out
> of this folder. All this happens server-side - no outlook rules and
> such.

Is this on a Unix mail server?  In my case, the mailboxes reside on an
Exchange server, which limits my options.  Exchange can supposedly be
automated with vbscript, but the Exchange admins at my site won't touch
it with a ten foot pole.  The way I see it, I can either:

 1) send Spam to a different mailserver, possibly with a webmail front-end


 2) send Spam to the Exchange server, and configure Outlook clients to
    automatically dump tagged Spam into a Junk folder

The key issue is tech support load.  Any required user training or client
configuration will have to be supported for ~800 users, and I do not want
our tech support department to hate me. :) So it's very important for me
to have the simplest user experience possible.

It would be wonderful if I'm missing some simple, elegant solution here. :)


Nicholas Esborn
Affymetrix, Inc.


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