Exchange/Outlook client configuration

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Fri Apr 4 00:23:14 IST 2003

> It would be wonderful if I'm missing some simple, elegant solution here. :)
For what its worth I take the view that as any solution is going to
involve some degree of user training (for example, how to access the
webmail, explaining how & why their spam ended up in a different folder
etc.) you may as well just tag the spam, deliver it and lets users set
up their own rules to filter it.  I've found that the majority of the
spam goes to a minority of users, and flase positives are more likely to
generate support calls.  I set up a page on our intranet explaining what
spam is ('borrowed' from the SA web site!), why their mail has been
tagged as spam and how to set up an outlook rule to filter it.  I gently
publicised it and gave the helpdesk the link as a stock first line
response to any calls.  We have had very few calls and only about three
(all false positives) have been escalated to me in the last six months.
I think I would have had a lot more complaints had I filtered mail off
elsewhere, as users would constantly have been forgetting how to access
it, forgetting it exists & missing important emails which are false
positives.  (for comparison our Outlook user base is just a little
smaller than yours).

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