"Delete As Spam" button for Exchange

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Thu Apr 3 20:00:53 IST 2003


  I am trying to implement a "Delete As Spam" button in VBScript for Outlook/Exchange that would allow a user to delete a mail they considered spam from their Inbox, then forward it to a special email address that I will use to then feed to SpamAssassin's new bayesian learning. Before I got started I thought I would ask if anyone had done anything like that before, or if anyone knows of a script archive somewhere that might have something along these lines. I haven't done any VBScripting ever, so any tips at all would be great! I'll be sure to release whatever I do come up with to the world!


  Dale Lovelace
  System Administrator
  (214) 361-7311 Ext. 1074

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