Forward Spam Action Clarification

Juan Quesada baldguy33165 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 3 19:44:58 IST 2003

I have noticed the same thing
--- Nathan Johanson <nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am getting ready to implement a spam actions
> ruleset:
> I have the following in
> /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.actions.rules
> To:     *    forward spam at
> I understand this and have tested it with success.
> Messages marked as
> spam are forwarded to the appropriate email address
> (and that' it). The
> message doesn't appear to be archived, sent to the
> original recipient,
> or anything more.
> However, I noticed that a few people have
> implemented the same rule but
> appended the delete action after the forwarding
> email address, like so:
> To:     *    forward spam at
> delete
> Based on my testing, there doesn't seem to be a
> difference between these
> two rules. In other words, once it's forwarded, it's
> implicity deleted
> from the queue and appending delete as a second
> action doesn't seem to
> matter. Is this correct?
> Nathan

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